Coaching & Workshops

Finding a mindfulness or meditation teacher with whom you resonate makes all the difference in the world. You want to make sure this person has an open heart and speaks your language. If your language includes some swearing, a straightforward approach that admits that mindfulness sometimes sucks, and genuine love and caring for how hard it can be to be human . . . I might just be the right person for you.

The goal of the sessions is to help you find tools to support your own well-being and trust your own wisdom. We all have it in us; it just sometimes gets lost or obscured.

The Details:

Sessions are one hour and cost $150 (sliding scale pricing and multiple session discounts available). I use Zoom for all online sessions (I promise it’s impossible to mess up.) For all coaching sessions, please contact me for availability

Private Coaching

Each session is tailored to meet your specific needs and address your personal habits, experience, and concerns. Sessions may include anything from a basic introduction to meditation to a more nuanced exploration of particular emotions (as relevant to the individual).

The foundation of this practice is your own wisdom and authentic presence. Basically, it’s okay to be you, however you are in this moment. It’s okay not to know what you’re doing. It’s okay not to be okay. It’s okay to be proud of yourself.

Some possible topics of discussion include: introduction to meditation, mindfulness with children, mindful pregnancy, mindfulness in school, managing stress, and dealing with depression.

The Details:

Contact me to book workshops or for more information

Workshops for Educators

Changing a school culture and improving the overall well-being of the school community begins with teachers. Studies have shown that teachers have some of the highest rates of burnout and workplace stress and the majority of teachers experience high stress on a daily basis. Stressed teachers just don’t have the resources to be present for their students. Basically, you can’t pour from an empty cup. Continually “running on empty” can lead to challenges in the classroom but also increased rates of depression, anxiety, and illness.

Workshops for educators focus on self-care, applying the science of mindfulness and well-being, and offering real-world, practical opportunities and suggestions for change. These changes don’t have to be big. It’s not about overhauling the entire curriculum. It’s training ourselves to be present and kind, first to ourselves, and then to our students, fostering an environment where we can all thrive . . . one breath at a time.

The Details:

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Group/Corporate Workshops

I offer workshops for businesses, schools, families, and care givers. I have experience working with government agencies, corporations, K-12 schools, universities, cancer support groups, young athletes, educators, and more. Previous clients include Gov’t of Canada, WestJet, Cal Alta Figure Skating Club, City of Calgary, Shell, and Mount Royal University. Workshops may include a general introduction to mindfulness and stress reduction, hands-on practice and support, activities and ideas that are doable in the real world, the latest research in mindfulness and meditation, and lots of opportunity for discussion and Q&A.

Previous clients include: Calgary Police Services, Mount Royal University, Shell Canada, WestJet, & High Energy Fusion Yoga.

If you are interested in workshops, corporate training, or private sessions