Mindful Parenting in a Chaotic World

There are no perfect parents and no perfect kids―just perfect moments. 
Mindful Parenting in a Chaotic World is a guide for caregivers and children to practice being totally present, so everyone feels noticed, respected, and heard.
These guided techniques are simple, quick, fun, and designed to be used wherever you are. Explore a range of different mindful parenting exercises to spread empathy, emotional awareness, and acceptance within your whole family.

Sticky Brains

Bad thoughts are sticky! Our brains see them more and remember them longer. But, as Aria learns in Sticky Brains, we can make good thoughts stick too . . . just by paying attention in a new way.

Sticky Brains
empowers children to understand their minds, change their perspectives, and find more happiness in their lives. The book includes information on mindfulness and neuroplasticity as well as exercises and activities for children and their parents.

5-Minute Mindfulness Meditations for Teens

Being a human is hard. Being a teenager might just be the hardest part of all.

5-Minute Mindfulness Meditations for Teens offers easy, quick, doable practices that empower teens to manage their stress, handle their emotions, and be more compassionate to themselves.

The book includes tips and suggestions for real life situations like taking a test, struggling with body image, dealing with parental expectations, and having difficult conversations.