Classes & Retreats

Whether you’re looking to manage stress, cultivate self-compassion, reduce negative self-talk, or just find some peace amid the chaos that we call being human, practicing and exploring with others in a safe space can be enormously valuable. It shows us that we’re not alone! We’re not crazy! It’s just these damn minds doing their thing.


Courses are designed to introduce or continue the exploration of mindfulness meditation in a way that accessible, friendly, compassionate, and real.

All courses include guided meditations and practices to build your own mindful awareness, presence, and resilience and self-care techniques that are doable in the real world.

In all courses, you’ll walk away with tools for:
– taking care of yourself even when everything feels like chaos
– making mindfulness fit with your life and your family
– checking your own nervous system when things start to get overwhelming
– using your body as a resting point when your mind is going a mile a minute


Meditation retreats offer space to reconnect with ourselves, train our minds, and open our hearts to our own care and needs.

Most retreats are held in silence or partial silence, with a focus on continuity of practice (basically, the more you practice, the easier it is to get into it, and the more you can explore).