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The Details:
When: Tuesdays, Feb 25- March 31, from 1:00p-2:30p EST

We use Zoom for all online courses. It’s free and simple. 

I am teaching this course through Embodied Wisdom. For pricing information and to register, please visit Embodied Wisdom’s Event Page.

Mindfulness for Parents

You are not alone.
If you feel like you are sometimes failing as a parent. If you feel like you yell at your kids more than you ever thought you would. If you just don’t know how to get your kid to listen or how to be a parent without losing your shit.  If you feel like you are losing your identity at times because all you do is schlep the kids to practices and buy groceries. 
This course is here for you.
Mindfulness for parents offers real-world, practical tools for self-care, communication, and dealing with big emotions (yours & theirs). 

You’ll walk away with tools for:

  • how to take care of yourself even when everything feels like chaos
  • how to make mindfulness fit with your life and your family
  • how to check your own nervous system before losing it when your kid is freaking out, hurt, or otherwise dysregulated
  • how to use your body as a resting point when your mind is going a mile a minute

In this course you will get:

  • Guided meditations and practices to build your own mindful awareness, presence, and resilience
  • Opportunities to connect & share/brainstorm with other parents
  • Tools for recognizing and managing expectations
  • Technique and suggestions for positive discipline (letting go of the yelling and finding solutions that work)
  • Self-care techniques

Program Includes: 

  • 6 weekly 90-minute online classes
  • An email summary of sessions with formal and informal practice suggestions for the week
  • Audio recordings of mindfulness practices 
  • Video recordings of all 6 classes 
  • Q & A email support
  • additional one-on-one opportunities for more involved questions

In-Person Courses

Mindfulness II – Winter 2020

April 8 – May 6 Wednesdays, 7-8:15pm

Calgary (Parkhill/Stanley Park) 📍map

$250 + GST for six week class
$75 for students

Mindfulness Meditation II – Beginning Again

This course is for those who have taken Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation and would like to continue the journey with a group.  Mindfulness II is an opportunity to practice together, to discuss mindfulness and some of the challenges that arise as we practice, and to explore new teachings.  It is not intended as the next level but rather a chance to continue and to begin again (and again and again).  Sessions will include guided meditations, in-depth discussion, personal exploration, and teachings from a variety of traditions.

Prerequisite: Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation or permission from the instructor